Simple Sexual Techniques to Maximize Love Play

There is no doubt that there is need for understanding some sexual techniques in order to enjoy love play maximally. It is a pity that many couples are lack these simple sexual knowledge and thereby make their sex life dry and drudgery. It will be a wonderful thing to be learned in these acts of sexual techniques so that you can always enjoy the sexual act with your partner. Some of thing to be known are discussed here.

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Sexual Techniques in Love Play

One should remember that the sexual techniques in themselves are meaningless unless a proper emotional relationship exists between husband and wife. This knowledge of sexual techniques is no doubt very important for every married couple and its ignorance not only deprives the couple of marital satisfaction but ruins their happily married life. It is often seen that the males are particularly guilty of letting down their wives and do not realize that the sexual intercourse involves far more than the physical union of the husband and wife.

If one of the two is completely devoid of gratification. Here too men folks are in belief that just touching is enough to stimulate their wives as is the case with themselves. As there are wide range of possibilities in the love- play, any individual partnership, recognition and communication will teach the partners what is appreciated nd what not. May be a basic type of approach will emerge with several variations aound it and in the course of time one or other version will come into prominence.

But all this depends on mutual understanding. The same can be said of frequency of intercourse and its form. Remember that in every partnership of husband and wife, there develops a specific rhythm of intercourse, for which there is no general rule and which changes from time to time to suit the wish of one or other of the partners.

This is also true as regards positions adopted in coitus. There are all sorts of possibilities as regards position of the two bodies while the genitals are in contact. Foremost in this position is that of where partners are face to face and it is preferred because they allow visual contact and thus permit the partners to see each others facial expression. Generally speaking, it is the inexperienced male, without self-control and consideration for his wife who believes in surprise attacks, whether wife likes it or not. A husband should remember that all control, all initiative lies completely within his hands.

The wife can do only one thing of importance, and that is to relax that too by the mutual help of her husband. Before attempting intercourse, the husband should also thoroughly acquaint himself with the genital region of his wife. He should direct his attention to the construction of the vaginal canal and the location of the hymen, so that direct and not angular pressure may be used against it.

Depending upon height and size, it may be necessary for a woman to be placed with her buttocks on a pillow to elevate the extremities, or she may be forced to bend on her knees sharply or even trap her legs about the waist of the male, to mention only a few considerations. These physical peculiarities which the male must study as the women very definitely vary in structure.

Having gone through this article you will agree with me that there is more to love play that just mechanical act of sex without the varying knowledge about the adequate sexual technique.

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With these additional knowledge about sexual techniques it will be easy for you to enjoy love play with your spouse without any fret. Maximize your love play while applying the sexual techniques you have learn here.

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