Powerful Sexual Arousal Tips from a Woman

It is obvious that sexual reactions differs from to women, the same is true of sexual arousal. The best description of what really thrills the women in respect of sexual arousal is bet described by women Let us listen to how a woman describes sexual arousal from female angle.

Sexual Arousal


A woman describes sexual arousal

First, there will be something that triggers it. Seeing a guy, hearing a sentence, feeling something–for example, bumping into a guy on the subway, putting a hand out to steady myself, and feeling hard muscle underneath my hand, then I look up and this gorgeous man is literally inches away. Yeah, let’s run with that example.

So, first, there’s the trigger, and what it specifically triggers is this… jolt. Like a zap, almost, from each of my hands and feet, zapping straight to my gut. My palms tingle and my heart starts beating faster. I draw a shaky breath through my mouth in reaction to the zap. I am hyper-aware of whatever it is that triggered me, and my attention is on it 100%, though my brain feels slightly foggy. The jolt is accompanied by a feeling like my gut has dropped out of my body, a sort of “whoops” feeling like the one you get in a car when you go over a small hill quickly.

In public, at this point, I would blink and shake my head to clear the fog (literally, not figuratively) and focus on something else. But let’s say I’m in a boy’s apartment, and the trigger, instead, is that we were talking, the conversation drifts to a stop, he steps forward and runs a finger down the back of my arm. (Oooh lawd.)

My breathing quickens, and I feel blood rush to my face. The room feels slightly warmer. I notice that my mouth is open and close it, biting my lip. I take another breath, shaky, to try and slow my breathing. It’s not certain whether or not this arousal is going to lead anywhere. My heart is beating faster, and I start to feel my pulse, ah, down there. I cross my legs or press my knees together, look down, clear my throat.

Say, at this point, he grabs me by the hips and pulls me closer, whispering “Come here.” (Sweet jesus.) That’s the signal, “Hey, don’t worry about those outward signs, it’s boner time.” Then I stop strapping in my body. I uncross my legs, move my knees apart, and there’s this empty ache between my legs, like something’s missing and I need to fill the gap. I drop my shoulders back, my mouth falls open. Almost like I’m opening myself up to him in as many ways as possible. My breath comes faster, and the breathing is different from normally. My chest rises and falls, up and down, rather than out, or breathing from my gut, as I normally do. It’s as if my breasts are trying to lift up, to touch him, be touched by him. The pulse between my legs is now stronger than the one in my chest. It feels hot and damp, and I can feel moisture slipping out of my (my god, this is graphic, OK, reigning it in)–er, right. Ahem.

With each movement he makes, I get another jolt, another zap. My palms tingle, my breath shakes, the pulse between my legs gets stronger. I seek to pull him towards me, to put some part of him between my legs, to start to fill that unfilled space. My toes curl and I lick my lips, dry from the quick breaths. My hands reach for something hard and firm to curl around–no, my body reaches for something hard and firm to curl around. I feel soft and pliable and melted. My skin feels tight and sensitive, the fine hairs on my arms are tiny antennae sending unreasonable sensory input to my brain at the lightest touch. My brain is foggy as hell, my thoughts reduced to simple needs and wants. I need something between my legs, I want something pressed against me. It’s an ache, and though it hurts, it feels so good.

With every moment that passes, any part of my body not being touched tingles with annoyance at being ignored, and I mentally zero in on every part being touched. I tuck my leg up, and my knee rests against his thigh, and for a moment, that connection point is my entire world, and then the rest of my body comes back into focus and screams “HEY, ME, TOO!” and I slide my leg along his, temporarily soothing each petulant square of skin until I wrap my calf around his leg, pulling him against my, ah, lady business. I try to touch as much of his as possible, any part untouched becoming more tingly and upset, my breath quickening, heart beating faster, until the agonizing inability to touch all of me to all of him becomes too much and a little noise escapes, an exhalation, a moan. Slightly embarrassing, slightly arousing, and it triggers another jolt.

At this point, it’s a waterfall down there, and I can feel the heat reflecting back from my panties. Every touch of his hand leaves a trail of shivers in its wake, with little jolts that build until all I can feel is this pounding heartbeat between my legs. I’m not thinking at all any more, just trying to feel as much as possible. It’s not just a heartbeat anymore, now my muscles are flexing and pulsing along with it, almost like the throbbing after an orgasm, but intermittently, not constant.

Hopefully at this point of arousal, something is done about it, and then I’d be describing sex. But I will say, that the first moment of penetration, after all that arousal and this buildup of desire to have something, anything, fill that unfilled, aching, empty space, that first moment when it’s in and–that, oh god, that moment is the best moment of sex, THE best moment, like every nerve in my body is saying “ahhhhhhh,” and my nether regions are like “YESSS MOTHERFUCKER.”

If you are a man and you have read this account with me you will agree with me that it is really a different world entirely what the women needed to give them sexual arousal. So you are now better in formed about how to get the best for your partner.

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With the information you have from this report you are now in better position to give your spouse the best sexual arousal that will make her to appreciate you when next you are involved in sexual game with her.

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