Does Biking Has Effect On sexual dysfunction?

Biking is one of the major exercises that men engage in, but the recent study reveals that it may likely cause sexual dysfunction. So the question now is does biking causes sexual dysfunction? This short article may really reveal the effect of biking on your sexual health.

sexual dysfunction

Are you biking toward sexual dysfunction?

If you’re a man who rides a bike, your heart is probably grateful for all of the exercise it is getting, but your libido may not be. According to a recent study from the University of California at Los Angeles’ School of Nursing, extensive cycling may affect the levels of reproductive hormones in the body. This could put you in need of an herbal diet supplement to help regain some of your confidence between the sheets.

Medical Daily reports that scientists found levels of the hormone estradiol are present in higher concentrations in men who bike often. This hormone can lead to enlarged breast tissue or pubic hair loss. According to the researchers, this suggests that cycling may be associated with an increased risk of sexual reproductive problems.

“For serious cyclists, and in particular endurance athletes, extensive cycling may affect the levels of reproductive hormones in the body. Cyclists that may be at risk include serious leisure cyclists and cyclists who compete in races or ride for extreme endurance,” according to the news source.

WebMD spoke to Irwin Goldstein, M.D., director of San Diego Sexual Medicine who said that it is possible to experience erectile dysfunction (ED) from bike riding. The risk is highest among men who cycle for more than three hours a week. However, biking is a great way to get exercise, so if it is your workout of choice, ask your doctor about how to avoid sexual dysfunction while biking and consider an herbal male enhancement supplement if you do experience ED.

It is obvious now that even though you may enjoy a great health value from biking it is possible for you to loose your sexual virility and result in sexual dysfunction.

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If you are scared of having sexual dysfunction as a result of biking then you may take caution regarding how often you bike.


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