13% of young men experience occasional erectile dysfunction

When research is conducted in a college setting, many think of high alcohol consumption or increased sexual activity, but a recent study came back with surprising results.

A research project conducted by Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago found nearly 13% of college-aged men experience occasional erectile dysfunction, or ED, symptoms, with the percentage increasing amongst those who drink liquor regularly.

The results, presented in San Francisco, at the Pediatric Academic Societies’ annual meeting, include:

*95% of the participants were heterosexual; two-thirds were white.
*13% reported ever having difficulty getting or keeping an erection.
*25% reported ever losing an erection while putting on a condom.

While erectile dysfunction is often associated with older men, this study shows otherwise.  While millions of men turn to treatments like Viagra or Cialis, the study shows younger men aren’t shy about taking the medication either.

“These conclusions also led researchers to yet another unanticipated revelation,” a press release said.  “As part of the study, a poll was administered which found that 6% of participants had taken Cialis, Levitra, or Viagra at some point to combat their instances of male impotence.”

When asked, college students did believe their troubles in the bedroom could be linked to abuse of narcotics and overuse of alcohol.

The research went on to say, “The prescribed treatments of ED in young men are similar to the ones intended for older ED patients. The one critical difference is that an elevated importance is generally placed on counseling because erection problems that appear at a young age oftentimes lead to major psychological problems, no matter their underlying cause.”

About Viagra
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